How to open BTC wallet and how to deposit at a Bitcoin casino

How to deposit at a Bitcoin casino instruction

A newbie, who never gambled, moreover, the beginner, who just learned something about the existence of BTC casinos and wants to register there, will be interested in how to deposit at a Bitcoin casino and how to withdraw later their wins. This is a very important moment as most casinos, which deal not only with cryptocurrencies but other traditional currencies can offer their players exchange services.

It means that even a gamer replenishes their account using crypto, they can withdraw fiat (and vice versa sometimes). If a person does not own cryptocurrency yet, they should read first how to deposit money into Bitcoin.

How to deposit at a Bitcoin casino: step by step

Before you learn how to deposit at a Bitcoin casino (there are several ways to do it), BTC wallet must be created: after that you can play any slots, Video Poker, table games for crypto.

Usually, step by step instructions with the information about how to deposit money into Bitcoin wallet are provided on the sites that offer users variants of these wallets. Each of these wallets can work with a certain OS — Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. So the process is pretty easy.

Creating BTC wallet instruction

  1. Find the site, which offers trusted BTC wallets (, for example);
  2. Pick the variant of your wallet (Device like Ledger, mobile, web, and computer);
  3. Choose the wallet. If it is a computer wallet (safe, but taking much place on the HD or SSD), it must be installed);
  4. If it is a web wallet, the reserve copy of the wallet must be created (it will be a combination of numbers and letters);
  5. Buy BTC (it is possible);
  6. Be ready to learn about more ways how to deposit at a Bitcoin casino (get the address where to send BTC);
  7. Send crypto – replenish your account.

Using BTC in a crypto casino

When you already know how to deposit at a Bitcoin casino, pick the gambling resource that takes crypto — you will be given deposit bonus in BTC and free spins after registration. So, to make a successful deposit in a Bitcoin casino it is necessary to know the addresses of two Bitcoin wallets — yours, and casino’s. Each portal of crypto gambling has a special section or menu (usually called “Cashier”), where you can track all available game funds on your balance, make instant deposits or request withdrawals to your Bitcoin wallet.

In addition, “Cashier” is also a section where you can see and copy the Bitcoin address of the casino, which must be used for subsequent deposits. Having done this, you will need to go to the site of your Bitcoin wallet, log in and complete the payment. Within just a few seconds, cryptocurrency will appear on the balance of your betting account.

BTC deposit method is the most preferred among millions of players around the world, mainly due to its simplicity and speed of transfer. If you are interested in the other methods of deposits, for example, how to deposit Bitcoin into Binance, all the instructions are provided on the sites that interest you.



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