The ways how to buy Bitcoins including credit card and PayPal

How to buy Bitcoins anonymously and on exchanges

The steadily growing popularity of Bitcoin shows the cryptocurrency integration into our everyday life has become a reality. Being something very odd in the beginning, extremely cheap, it has developed into a common means of payment within a few years. Its price jumped so high that it shocked society.

People, even the oldest skeptics, started to learn everything about cryptocurrency and how to buy Bitcoins. Some people might think that everything is simple: learn how to buy Bitcoins with cash or how to buy Bitcoins with PayPal and do it, get BTC. However, when buying Bitcoins, each one should always go step by step to minimize personal risk.

How to buy BTC without risk

The users of one of the most famous and the most-trusted crypto exchanges Coinbase know how to buy BTC without risk and with lower commissions. They also know that high fees for the buy/sell operations can significantly reduce profits.

For instance, when buying Bitcoins via PayPal, different charges may apply. Most of these can only be found in the general terms and conditions. Therefore, buyers should always compare the costs of the individual platforms in advance, not to be surprised by high fees. Besides, buyers must be careful if they use a currency other than US dollars. For example, if they pay for Bitcoin in Euros, they may incur exchange fees. So, the process of buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on the exchange is as follows:

  1. Creating an account;
  2. Choosing the way how to buy BTC;
  3. Follow the instructions.

However, to buy BTC, a crypto wallet should be opened first.

Getting a crypto wallet

All are searching for the answer to the question of how to buy Bitcoins anonymously, finally understand that they will never do it until they open a BTC wallet. There are “hot” and “cold” wallet storages. Hot ones are always available online, and clients can use them at any time. The most popular are and Jaxx. Cold is suitable for those who have a lot of cryptocurrencies (even the wallet itself costs $ 100-130).

In this type of wallets, a set of keys for access to the accumulated savings will be stored autonomously on the computer, on a hard disk or on a separate media. Next, crypto can be obtained. All, who want to know how to buy Bitcoins, are always interested if a debit card can be used. Yes, but a great commission over 3% will be charged.

Buying BTC ways

Besides large popular exchanges like Binance, some other exchanges taking alternative payment systems like PayPal, Webmoney, Perfect Money, bank cards are involved. There are special trusted sites, which publish the list of these exchanges and BTC rates.

These exchanges take commission and accept different types of payments. Private traders also offer the same services and their commissions are lower, but here a scammer can be met and a buyer risks to lose their money.

Using BTC in gambling

Sometimes people interested in how to buy Bitcoins with credit card are going to start gambling in a crypto casino. Before using their bank card and giving commission to an exchange, they should learn if a casino deals with exchange operations. Probably, it will be more profitable to buy BTC with the help of Bitcoin casino (or do other exchange — crypto to fiat).

All in all, using BTC in a casino is always very profitable. Besides anonymity and safety, which are promised to the owner of the cryptocurrency, the BTC holder gets another, additional variant to make fast and cheap online crypto exchanges. Besides, winning some crypto and holding it for months, the player gets all the chances to make the better exchange later as the BTC prices are going up.

After getting the answer to the question of how to buy Bitcoins, the user can choose any of the ways (including Western Union transfers). With the variety of exchange methods, there is always a way to make money on these operations.



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