Bitcoin Blackjack

Types of Bitcoin Blackjack slots in online casinos

Blackjack is probably one of the most famous and oldest casino games. Of course, with the long history behind gambling, various types of this game, including BTC Blackjack and live Bitcoin Blackjack appeared. To choose any of them, it is always better to try this entertainment without making real bets, for free.

With live BJ versions, this variant will not work as real dealers need salary for their work, but this problem can be solved with slots. These gaming machines offer a bunch of variants of this card game, and everyone, who has tome and desire to practice them, can do it online.

Online Bitcoin Blackjack types

Bitcoin Blackjack is the card game that is played in online casinos — here, gamblers can win not traditional currencies like dollars and Euros, but several Satoshi (BTC part). Actually, Bitcoin Blackjack online types of games can be divided into two groups: slots and live casino BJ games.

Choosing the first variant, a gambler will play with a machine, and RNG will be used. They can always stop the game, make a pause in gambling. With live BJ, they play with a dealer, a real person. They cannot stop the game as they are not the only player at the table, and the break cannot be taken either.

Nevertheless live BJ variant is true fun for those, who are eager to feel the coolest land casino atmosphere. However, these live games cannot be played in a training mode, for free. Free Blackjack Demo mode works with slots only.

The best BTC slots with Blackjack

If a player is not a professional in card games, they should better start with free Bitcoin Blackjack slots. There are gaming machines created by famous gambling software developers, and in a Demo mode, all of them can be tried. Bitcoin Blackjack rules are simple. Here, the goal of the player is to get 21 points with their cards.

If they are 21+, they are a loser. Each BJ slot has a table with the game rules explained there, so even a newbie can start playing BJ as soon as they find the slot to their taste: rules can be understood later. Strategies will come with time and experience. The most often-chosen slots with this game are:

  1. Pontoon (BetSoft);
  2. Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Gold Series BJ (Microgaming);
  3. Super Fun 21 Blackjack (Microgaming);
  4. Perfect Blackjack (Playtech).

Pontoon Blackjack

This type of Blackjack Bitcoin game is played with 8 decks 52 cards in each and 3 hands. The dealer here can take cards when they get 17 points of more. The special feature of Pontoon is that in a case when a player and casino have similar points number, the gamer loses. The game has a Split button. In this case, cards in one hand are split for 2 hands.

Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Gold Series

This is a Bitcoin Blackjack slot with simple rules; it can be often found in casinos where different cryptos besides BTC, Litecoin, and Ethereum, for example, are taken. Here, if a dealer gets 21, the player gets insurance. If a dealer gets an Ace, the player can also use it.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack

This game differs from the others with its bonus combinations. For instance, if a player has BJ from diamonds, they are awarded 2:1. The same prize is given to them if they have 5 cards with 21 points in the box.

Perfect Blackjack

The gamer can play 5 hands. The maximal bet for 1 hand is 100, so the prize can be large (it is paid here 3:2). Players can decide if they take a card or not, but a casino takes a card each time when the total sum is under 17.

Choosing this card game and gambling for cryptocurrency, players have more chances to win much that in a case with classic video slots. Cryptocurrency usage doubles the attractiveness of the game.



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