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Online crypto casinos Bitcoin Craps variants

Bitcoin Craps popularity cannot be compared with the fame of BTC slot games, but there is a category of players who always pick this entertainment. Besides, considering the fact with cryptocurrency, the chance to get bigger wins appears, Craps Bitcoin games now are offered at many crypto playing resources. They are in demand. Smart Craps players have the chance to make a decent amount of Satoshi (a part of BTC) or tokens, alternative cryptocurrencies.

Craps is a very exciting game and when things go their way, certain gamers start thinking they would eventually beat the casino and earn a lot of money. However, this is also the game that needs a very detailed and intelligent approach, especially when it is evident that bet in crypto is high and it can be lost.

Playing Bitcoin Craps at crypto casinos

The sense of this table game is to guess the number that will appear on the dice’s sides. The game rules vary: each variant has its own ones. They can be found on the site, where a player is going to try Bitcoin Craps. The newbie might think that it is very easy – just to throw dice and see the result, but the reality turns to be different. Most craps players are not successful in their bets because they ignore the basic rules.

Nevertheless, some smart players have found another way on how to play the game. First, they try Bitcoin Craps free. The other variant is to choose those Craps game in which the choice of the bet will affect them in the long run; a smart Craps player will carefully look at their options when betting. There are also many books and online information that players can learn from, and in turn, develop their own strategy when playing the game.

Best Craps slots for BTC

Those, who are seeking for Bitcoin casino with Сraps for US players, can try BetChat or William Hills. Besides, there are many cool casinos where the newbies can pick slots with this table game. Although Craps with real dealers may seem more attractive, it always needs real bets. Slots are simpler, and often, a Demo mode (for free) can be launched (even before registration).

These Bitcoin Craps slots can be played also with deposit bonus activated with codes before, and in most live BTC casinos, this option is never offered. The most attractive and high-quality types of this game are slots, represented by:

  1. BetSoft;
  2. Playtech;
  3. Microgaming (several variants of Bitcoin Craps);
  4. NYX Gaming.

BetSoft Craps

This game feature is the possibility to correct the bet in the gaming process. Players choose between Pass and Do not Pass Lines (bet for the victory of a loss). Craps professionals often choose it as the strategies work here, but for newbies, this is simply a bright slot with high payouts.

Playtech Craps

Here, the gaming process has 2 stages. The first one is called Come out Roll — it is the first shoot to determine the number of points. The second is called Point Roll determines further shoots. This Playtech Craps might seem a complicated game, but when Bitcoin is involved, players become interested in it more.

Craps by Microgaming

The main bets here are also made on Pass and Do not Pass Lines. Besides, the often met bets of this Bitcoin Craps are Any Seven (when 7 appears), Craps 2 (12, 3, 11) – when the corresponding numbers will appear.

NYX Gaming Craps

This is the game with the rules similar to classic live Craps, so it is advisable to read about it before choosing this slot. The main attraction here is the choice of the bet level.



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