Bitcoin Roulette

Popular types of Bitcoin Roulette in online casinos

When it comes to modern games in crypto casinos, BTC Roulette is often a favorite entertainment of many players: they like watching the spinning wheel waiting when the ball makes a stop directly in the place they are expecting. This is the game, which rules are pretty simple, especially if a gamer chooses online live Roulette Bitcoin variant. In this case, the dealer will prompt them what to do. The rules are always seen on the screen, so no mistake is possible.

Any of the varieties of Bitcoin Roulette can bring profit both to the players and online casinos, but here the bet is not a coin but Satoshi, the smallest part of BTC.

Bitcoin Roulette: popular variants

Roulette is a popular game, very attractive to people who love excitement. Due to the fact that it is extremely entertaining and fascinating, it is this kind of gambling that has become the most famous and popular in online casinos. The advantage of this game lies in the fact that the online casino offers users to play multiple types of it including Bitcoin Roulette, faucet games in crypto casinos, Bitcoin Roulette app for mobile devices, variants of slots with this spinning wheel that differ a bit with their rules, etc. The most relevant Roulette games are:

  1. HD Roulette;
  2. French;
  3. French and European variants;
  4. Zero;
  5. American, etc.

American Roulette for BTC is most famous in the US crypto casinos, and European is mostly chosen in Europe. 88 Bitcoin Roulette is a variant for FB subscribers, and it is a type of a social game. It is better to learn a bit more about each of these games before choosing any of them.

European Roulette for BTC

The feature of European Bitcoin Roulette is the fact that it has 37 sectors (from 1 to 36 and zero). Zero is able to give the basic advantage of the online casino. All bets when the balls get in Zero sector, instantly lose. With this feature, the casino gets up to 2.7% profit from the bets.

American Roulette

This is the “USA” variant with a Double Zero. It is not so famous with many gamblers, because the probability to lose here is higher (the second Zero appears). Nevertheless, it is a choice of those who like risk.

French Roulette

It is almost the same as the European variant, with one difference. Here, the player is guaranteed to get compensation when the ball stops in a Zero section.

Without Zero

Such Roulettes types can rightfully be called the most honest. Their difference from other varieties of this game lies in the fact that there is no Zero on the wheel.

HD (live game)

Roulette in HD format appeared relatively recently. The greatest benefit of this game is the “action” — the performance of a real BTC casino dealer, who is spinning the wheel in reality, and the player can watch them being far from the event.

Much information about the variants of slots with these games and its live variants comes at Bitcoin Roulette Reddit. There, the FAQ about Roulette for cryptocurrency are answered as well. However, it is always better to practice gambling first. It can be done for free with slots-simulators in Demo mode.

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