Live Bitcoin casinos

Most popular live Bitcoin casinos games

With the appearance of live Bitcoin casinos, where people use cryptocurrency and communicate with real people online, staying by their computers, the popularity of land casinos started rolling down. Many gamblers liked the opportunity to stay at home and be present at a casino at the same time.

Bitcoin live casinos are 100% online virtual websites — even currency here is digital. However, people that are dealing cards and rotating Roulette wheel are real. This stunning mixture of reality and virtual side have created the fame of this type of gambling.

Players like them and trust them because real decks of cards, not computer-generated numbers are used. Each gambler can easily watch the live dealers doing their job, entertaining the audience, answering questions and generally participating in a social, interactive game. Here, the human spontaneity is allowed and sometimes jokes here and there are heard.

How do live Bitcoin casinos work?

Now, live Bitcoin casinos work on blockchain: here, real dealers work, and players get their awards in BTC. Fast Internet connections and better video transmission technologies are used. Meanwhile, they are part of the standard program of the best online casinos where crypto is only of the payment methods or even the only method of payment.

The online casinos rent real casino studios, where professional dealers work. Players can log into the game via live connection and place their bets via chat and at the touch of a button. The dealer replies and performs every bet and every move in real while players stay at home.

From time to time, online live casino Bitcoin sites have the opportunity to meet very special dealers in the stream. There are, for example, the Playboy bunnies: cute girls, who can distribute cards and place bets as absolute professionals, but all in bunny costumes Playboy. Some live casinos also hire dealers who have a special British accent and play the game in a refurbished casino environment.

Games in live BTC casinos

Looking for any free live dealer casino Bitcoin game, the player will never find it. Unlike gambling sites, where only machines are used, people, working here, do everything for salary. A part of their wages comes from the players’ bets.

Thus, a gambler can start any of these real games in case they have BTC wallet and after they replenished their playing account using cryptocurrency. Although many live Bitcoin casinos games cannot be played with a no deposit bonus, it does not have any negative effect on these entertainments’ choice. The often-chosen real dealers’ games in BTC casinos are:

  1. Baccarat;
  2. Poker;
  3. Variants of Blackjack live Bitcoin casinos games;
  4. Roulette;
  5. Lotteries;
  6. Dice games.

The most popular live dealer BTC casino games

Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Casino Hold’em are often called the “basic” games of any respected live casino that registers users dealing with the cryptocurrencies. Lotteries also exist, but their fame cannot be compared with the types of live entertainments mentioned above.

BTC live Roulette

It is hard to imagine any live dealer BTC casino without Roulette tables. The player bets on the appropriate spaces on the tableau and hopes for the luck. The limits are here between several Satoshi to a couple of BTC, depending on which table is selected.

Live Blackjack for Bitcoin

Live Bitcoin casinos also have variants of Blackjack, the game, where good tactic can be crucial to increase the profits. The stakes here can reach half a Bitcoin or more, depending on the level of a player.

Live Baccarat for BTC

Baccarat is a bit more exotic than Roulette or Blackjack, especially when cryptocurrency is involved. Here, making bets the player can choose the cryptocurrency that is equal 5-10 K Euros.

Live Casino Hold’em for BTC

Only a few online gaming website offer Casino Hold’em live version for BTC, and yet many players prefer the live variant of the actually classic Poker game. The rules remain the same, except one thing — here, gamblers play against other players also. Bets can reach one Bitcoin.

Watching the fast growth of the popularity of live Bitcoin casinos, it is easy to guess that in the future, many more games will be played with real dealers online, and cryptocurrency will be accepted as the most convenient method of payment.



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